What is the Banners Broker eWallet?

Banners Broker doesn’t take money directly from your bank account or from your credit card. Instead, your money is placed into an area of your account. This part of your account is called the eWallet.

When you buy a package, buy a panel or pay your monthly membership fee, the money comes directly from your eWallet.

When a panel completes and the panel repurchase settings have been set to 50%, the profit from the panel is paid directly into your eWallet.

eWallet Overview

The eWallet consists of 4 boxes that tell you all you need to know about your account. These are shown below, marked with Red numbers.


1: eWallet – Available to Withdraw
The amount that you can currently withdraw from your Banners Broker account.

2: My Withdrawal History
The total amount that you have already withdrawn from your Banners Broker account.

3: Advertising Credits
The total amount that you can spend with Banners Broker. This includes the amount that you have available to withdraw, which is shown in box 1.

When you transfer money into your Banners Broker eWallet, it is added to the amount in the Advertising Credits box. In order to comply with strict money laundering regulations, Banners Broker does not allow you to withdraw money that has been transferred into your eWallet. When a panel completes, the money is added to both the amount that you have available to withdraw (box 1) and to the Advertising Credits (box 3).

4: My Total Earnings
The total amount that your Panels have earned. This box also shows the total amount that you will have earned once all of your current Panels have completed.

Adding Money

Adding money to your eWallet requires you to use Allied Wallet. This is a website, similar to PayPal, that allows you to make payments for products and services bought online.

More information on setting up an Allied Wallet account is available in the document: ‘2 – How to create a Banners Broker account’.

You can add money to your eWallet by following these steps:

Step 1:
From your eWallet, click on the ‘Load Ad Credits’ button.

Step 2:
Click on the Allied Wallet logo:

Allied Wallet Logo

Step 3:
Enter the amount you want to add to your account. The website will show you the amount you are adding, the processing fee and the amount that will be added to your account. You can adjust these values until you are happy with the amount you are adding to your account:

Load eWallet

Step 4:
When you are happy with the amount you are adding, click on the ‘Load Wallet’ button.

Step 5:
You will now be redirected to the Allied Wallet website’s login page.

Step 6:
Please enter your username and password then click on the ‘Login’ button.

Step 7:
You will then be able to enter your credit card details, or select a credit card if you have previously added a credit card to your Allied Wallet account:

Allied Wallet Credit Card Details

Step 8:
Once you have entered your details, click on the ‘continue’ button and your credit card transaction will be processed and you will receive confirmation of the transaction and an email will also be sent to you.

The money should appear in your eWallet straight away, however it can occasionally take 24 hours for the money to appear.

Withdrawing Money

Before withdrawing money, you must have uploaded photo ID and proof of address. This is so Banners Broker can comply with the money laundering regulations.

Money can be withdrawn from your eWallet by using one of 3 methods.

  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Payza
  • Banners Broker Prepaid MasterCard

You can add money to your eWallet by following these steps:

Step 1:
From your eWallet, click on the ‘Withdraw Money’ button.

Step 2:
You will be shown a list of the available withdrawal methods:

Withdrawal Methods

Step 3:
Select the method you would prefer to use to receive your funds.

Step 4:
If you select either SolidTrustPay or Payza, you will be asked for the the amount you wish to withdraw and your SolidTrustPay / Payza username.

Step 5:
If you selected the Banners Broker Prepaid MasterCard, you will be asked for the amount you want to transfer.

Please make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully, as you may incur charges if you try to withdraw money and enter incorrect information.

Solid Trust Pay / Payza

SolidTrustPay and Payza both provide services similar to PayPal. Both of these require you to verify your identity and this takes time to complete. It is recommended that you set up an account with your chosen provider as soon as you can, so you do not have any problems when withdrawing money from your eWallet. Payza seems to process your verification the quickest.

You can apply for a SolidTrustPay account by clicking on this link: https://solidtrustpay.com/index.php?a=select_signup

You can apply for a Payza account by clicking on this link: https://secure.payza.com/signup

Banners Broker Pre-Paid MasterCard

Banners Broker can provide you with a prepaid MasterCard. This is like a normal credit card, but requires you to add money to it before you spend it. Money can be transferred onto your Banners Broker MasterCard directly from your eWallet. This card can then be used in the same way as any other credit card, including making cash withdrawals from any ATM that accepts MasterCard.

You can apply for your prepaid MasterCard by clicking on ‘Prepaid Card’ from the menu bar. You can also click on this link: http://bannersbroker.com/kgjertsen/adpubcombo_prepaid/overview